09 Mar – 21 Apr 2018
Shakespeare’s Globe

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Gyre & Gimble at Shakespeare’s Globe











Vivaldi’s pictorial masterpiece comes to thrilling, theatrical life in an exhilarating show which combines enchanting visuals with live music. Our master puppeteers join forces with some of London’s finest Baroque musicians to conjure a poetic and emotional narrative in response to Max Richter’s acclaimed recomposition of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.

This unprecedented collaboration, inspired by the mastery of Japanese Bunraku theatre, promises to explore not only the form and techniques of puppetry, but the crystalline acoustic and candlelit ambience of the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in an enchanting new way.

Creative Team

Directors Finn Caldwell & Toby Olié
Set & Costume Designer Paul Wills
Composer Max Richter
Music Arranger & Supervisor Bill Barclay
Puppet Design Finn Caldwell & Toby Olié
Candle Consultant Paul Russell
Puppet Supervisor Daisy Beattie
Puppet Fabricators Nick Barnes, Daisy Beattie, Caroline Bowman, Liz Crossman, Laura Elias, Vicki Fifield, Jo Lakin & Yvonne Stone.


Puppeteers  Elisa de Grey
 John Leader
 Craig Leo
 Avye Leventis
 Ben Thompson
Swing Puppeteer  Hugh Purves
Baroque Solo Violin  Jorge Jimenez
Baroque Violin 1  James Toll
Baroque Violin 2  Alice Earll
Baroque Viola / Baroque Violin  Aliye Cornish
Baroque Violoncello  Sarah McMahon
Harpsichord / Synthesizer  Satoko Doi-Luck


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