We have developed a training programme for graduates, emerging artists and professionals. By creating a series of workshops we aim to offer those interested in puppetry the chance to experience different aspects of our theatre making process. For updates on forthcoming events please join our mailing list.

Principles in Performance


An introduction to Gyre and Gimble’s basic principles of puppetry

  • Learn to imbue objects and puppets with thought, emotion and physicality.
  • Explore found objects and materials, progressing through simply constructed puppets to a more realised human form.
  • Experiment with the puppeteer’s relationship to the puppet.

working as one


An exploration of puppets with multiple operators

  • Work as a group to create and maintain characterisation within a single puppet.
  • Expand your awareness in performance using structured play and improvisation.
  • Experiment with your puppet’s interaction alongside another puppet or human.

Devising & Storytelling


An introduction to Gyre & Gimble’s rehearsal process

  • Create narratives that demand the use of puppetry from a range of stimuli.
  • Discover a puppet’s most effective forms of communication.
  • Develop your critical eye through performance analysis and peer feedback.

Design & Construction


An exploration of the puppet making process from sketchbook page to stage

  • Discover how the specific requirements of a production influence a puppet’s structure and aesthetic.
  • Design and create a prototype puppet to explore your ideas in three dimensional form.
  • Evolve and refine your puppet in response to its use in performance.